Felius:  Omaha, NE


Contact Information

Address: 522½ S 24th St, Omaha, NE 68102

Phone:  (402) 502-7650

Hours: T-F 10-19:00; S/S 9-:19:00;Closed Mon

Entrance Fee:  $14/hour, age 6+




Website / Social Media

Website:  felius.org

Facebook: @feliusomaha

Instagram: feliusomaha

Twitter: @feliusomaha


Cat vs Cafe (50/50)


Feline Fine:  Review of Felius

We stopped traveling full-time in July, so our early morning departure from Kansas City to Omaha reminded me of those travel days of old. The excitement. The adventure.

On the drive up, I thought back to the experience when we had tried to visit Felius in May, stopping in Omaha on my way to an interview in Kansas City. While hours were listed on Apple maps, the building was clearly under construction when we pulled up. In the parking lot, I called and a kind person answered, apologizing for the confusion and assuring me they were set to open late in the summer. We chatted for a few minutes and I promised to return as soon as possible.

I accepted the KC job and kept tabs on Felius via social media. When they opened in September, I told myself it was best to wait a few weeks to let the initial crowds settle down, but by late October, my excitement got the better of me. I made a reservation for a Saturday morning, and off to Nebraska we went.

It was worth the wait.

Photo Oct 20, 10 33 30 AM.jpg

The first thing I noticed was the elegant and cheerful interiors. The light and bright coffee bar prominently features the Felius logo on a spotted wall that is more wild kitty than polka dot. In the cat room, light wood had been transformed into a series of benches, cat perches and shelves which were drenched in sunshine coming through large windows facing the street.

The room is small (ten people can be in the room), but delightful- cute, clean and with happy energy in abundant supply.

Felius started out with eight cats, but at the time of our visit only three sweet kittens were still in residence, each about 4 months old. They included Eddy, a playful Maine Coon, John Cougar Mellencat, his light colored brother and Bella, a short-haired tabby.

Photo Oct 20, 9 56 30 AM.jpg

It was explained that more cats would be joining in the next week, but we enjoyed watching the current residents play while sipping on our fabulous coffee drinks. I was impressed with my cup of joe as it was clear they had devoted time and effort to ensure the quality of the brew.

But the people are what make a visit to Felius so special. A keen supporter of women-led businesses, I was excited to learn that the founder and board of directors are all fabulous females. I was even more impressed with their clearly articulated mission and well-organized business plan, which should help them weather the ebbs and flows of running a cat cafe.

But Jessica, the manager, really stands out. As easy-going as she is outgoing, we had a great conversation not just about Felius and cat cafes, but included an in-depth discussion on community cats and TNR. All while checking in patrons, making coffee and posing for photos- this super-cool cat lover can multi-task with the best of them!

It’s the perfect adventure. Go for the cats, but stay for the great coffee and awesome staff.

Photo Oct 20, 10 56 42 AM.jpg

Date Visited:  10/20/18

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