Feline Good Cat Cafe:  Cardiff, UK


Contact Information

Address: Meridian Court, North Rd, Cardiff CF14 3BE, UK

Phone:  +44 29 2132 1043

Hours: Tue-Sun 10:00 - 18:00,Closed Mon

Entrance Fee:  £5/90 minutes per person (16+)


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Website / Social Media

Website: felinegoodcafe.com

Facebook: @felinegoodcatcafe


Twitter: @felinegoodcafe

Cat vs Cafe (60/40)


Feline Fun: Review of Feline Good Cat Cafe

**UPDATE** Sadly, as of July, 2018 Feline Good is closed.

We had so much fun at Feline Good Cat Cafe, our cheeks hurt from smiling!

Not only are Feline Good's cats super energetic and playful, but Hollie, the owner is so lovely, cheerful and friendly, the enthusiasm in this pretty cafe is contagious.  

Will you indulge me if I gush about the kitties a bit longer?

The eight cats in residence love being around people so much that I wondered if they had a touch of dog in them?  Handsome Freddie stole my heart immediately.  He also turned out to be a fantastic model and I was able to capture such gorgeous photos he earned a spot on the coveted 'Most Photogenic' list.  Then there was Marie, Ash, Marshall, Rory, Winston, Penny and Black.  They showed me how much they love to play by diving into the pink nylon tunnel, chasing strings and taking a spin on the huge cat wheel.  Such personalities, I loved them all!

I haven't even gotten to the food yet.  Our tea and coffee were beautifully presented and tasted wonderful, but OMG, I am going to be dreaming about that Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup for years to come.  

All of the guests were having a great time, we looked at the cats and each other with goofy grins.  The cafe only opened in July so everything is fresh, clean and new with plenty of comfortable seating.  

We had such a great time visiting with Hollie and playing with the cats, it was difficult to leave.  If you have the good fortune of living in Cardiff or plan a visit to Wales, make sure and add Feline Good to your list of 'things to do'. 

Smiles await you.

Date Visited:  11/1/17