Ella's CatHouse:  Napa, CA


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Address: 1009 Caymus St, Napa, CA 94559

Phone:  +1 (707) 501-0016

Hours:  Fri-Mon 12:00 - 18:00; Closed T/W/Th

Entrance Fee:  No



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Facebook:  @jamesonrescueranch

Instagram: jamesonanimalrescueranch

Twitter:  @JamesonARR


Cat vs Cafe (100%)


Rescue Heroes:  Review of Ella's CatHouse

Most people visit Napa for the wine, but not me.

I came for the cats.

We pulled into town after a fairly long drive out of San Francisco on a midday Friday. I was secretly delighted to see there were not any patrons in the kitty room, meaning more snuggles to help melt away the stress.

Brenda was the gracious cat staffer on hand for our visit with the delightful photographer Sally attempting to draw out the inner supermodel of each feline in residence. She certainly had plenty to work with as there 15 gorgeous kitties in the lounge that day including long-haired calico/tabby mix Camille and the sultry gray & white Georgette.

But one sweet baby completely captivated my attention and that was Bootsie. This little darling came right up and nudged me for gentle rubs and ear scratches.

I’m tearing up just thinking about her.

That’s the thing about Ella’s, you can’t help but fall in love, not just with the cats, but the whole place.

In partnership with Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch, the cat house has been open since 2017 and is cheerful and spacious with colorful and comfortable seating. Equally sunny as the lounge, the staff are lighthearted and engaging. Just being there feels like a warm hug.

As for food and drink? Well, this is Napa after all. The heart of wine country with the finest produce and fine dining scene to match. Post visit, on a recommendation from Brenda and Sally, we headed to Oxbow Public Market where we indulged in wine and the most delicious tacos ever.

Come to Napa the wine, but be sure and make time for the fine felines and humans of Ella’s Cat House.

Date Visited:  5/18/18

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