Eat, Purr, Love:  Columbus, OH, USA


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Address: 3041 Indianola Ave, Columbus, OH 43202

Phone:  (614) 852-3521

Hours: W-Sa 11-2/4-7; Su 10-62; Closed M/T

Entrance Fee:  $10/hour



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Facebook: @eatpurrlovecatcafe

Instagram: eatpurrlovecatcafe

Twitter: @EatPurrLoveCC


Cat vs Cafe (50/50)


Purr Magic:  Review of Eat, Purr, Love Cat Cafe

I’ve had some amazing adventures visiting cat cafes all over the world, but sometimes, I experience what I can only classify as pure magic.

My visit to Eat, Purr, Love was one of those memorable events, filled with personal connections. First, I was fortunate to meet Maghen, one of the cafe’s managers who filled me in on the history of the cafe. It was originally opened two years ago by another owner, who collaborated with Columbus Humane as her shelter partner. Last year, Columbus Humane, with former staffers Maghen and Emma at the helm, took over the cafe completely.

That experience has turned out to be crucial as Maghen successfully navigated between guests and cats that day. We discussed how much effort it takes to maintain the group dynamic, trying to ensure there are enough well-socialized and confident cats to help the shy ones overcome any trust issues.

While Maghen went off to deal with a minor cat scrap, I turned my focus to the surroundings. The room is spacious, clean and completely charming, with plenty of comfortable seating for an environment that is homey and relaxing. Pleasant lighting and soft music enhance the chilled vibe.

There were 11 cats in the cafe that day including four full-time residents. I was smitten with chubby-cheeked tabby and white Walter and petite black kitty Alexandria.

The cats for adoption were a loving bunch- supermodel ginger Sunny, treat-seeking Lane and Tonka, a cuddly black cat with the softest fur ever!

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I was bonding with Tonka when a couple, Christian and Megan sat down near me. We made introductions and engaged in that friendly, yet kinda goofy conversation cat lovers have in the heady presence of so many furry felines. I joked with them about cuddling with Tonka while they could, since he was so loving and social, he wouldn’t remain adoptable for long.

Turns out, Tonka had just become a member of their family that day, making him adoption #401.

After lot of congratulations and well wishes, I realized I had taken some ace photos of Mr. Tonka which I happily shared with his parents on the spot. Ah, the benefits of today’s technology!

Between meeting Christian and Megan and visiting with Maghen, I was feeling a lot of love and found it hard to leave.

Eat, Purr, Love features some of the nicest people around- both the staff and patrons! Top it off with cute and cuddly kitties and a great cup of coffee, and you have all the ingredients for a top cat cafe experience.

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Date Visited:  2/16/19

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