ditjes & Katjes:  The Hague, Netherlands


Contact Information

Address: Piet Heinstraat 66, 2518 CK Den Haag

Phone:  +31 70 412 6959

Hours: T-Sat 10-18:00, Sun 11-17:00, Closed M/T

Entrance Fee:  None


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Website / Social Media

Website:  kattencafeditjesenkatjes.nl

Facebook: @kattencafeDitjesenKatjes

Instagram:  ditjes_en_katjes

Twitter:  @ditjesenkatjes

Cat vs Cafe (60/40)


Bits & Kittens: Review of Kattencafe Ditjes & Katjes

I'm crazy about this cat cafe and not just because of the cats!

It started with my arrival in The Hague, a beautiful and refined city famed for international courts, embassies and the seaside.  The cafe is located on a cute street and the exterior of the building is picture-perfect Europe.  I was further impressed when I stepped in the door and took in the nautical vibe with muted shades of blue and off-white complemented by rustic finishes of jute and weathered wood.  It's cozy and casual with just the right touch of sophistication that evokes Nantucket.

The cafe has three separate areas:  a small seating area and glass-enclosed kitchen on the ground floor, a lofted lounge with a couch and a few tables, as well as a small playroom for children.  There is no cover charge, but reservations are recommended.  Luckily, they take walk-ins and I was able to get in despite it being very busy due to the school fall break (dank je!).  The menu contains a mouthwatering selection of snacks, sandwiches, soup, pastries and drinks, including beer and wine!  I was tempted to order wine, but placed an order for a latte (€2.70) instead and found myself seated in the loft area where soft music was playing. 

There are seven cats in residence, six adopted from a local shelter in addition to the owner's cat Famke.  The kitties were a bit scarce when I first arrived, scared into hiding spots due to a couple of excited (bless them!) children.  After several minutes, four felines re-entered the room and, to my delight, one climbed into my lap, a friendly calico named Jip!

During my kitty cuddle time, I noticed the owner, a kind and caring cat woman, working very hard to keep things running smoothly, from delivering food and drinks to making sure both patrons and cats were happy.  

My coffee was excellent, and I was well-chuffed that it was accompanied by a small stroopwafel (syrup waffle), a delicious Dutch treat that added yet another classy touch to an already high-class experience. 

Kattencafe Ditjes & Katjes is not just any cat cafe, it stands out as a amazing cafe in its own right. With an amazing selection of food and drinks, stylish environment and outstanding service, this is a place anyone would love, regardless if you were a kitty lover.  However, if you are a cat person, this is without question the best way to spend an afternoon in The Hague.  

Date Visited:  10/18/17