CRumbs & Whiskers:  Los Angeles, CA


Contact Information

Address: 7924 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90048

Phone:  +1 (323) 879-9389

Hours:  Sat-Tues 11:00 - 19:45; Closed Wed

Entrance Fee:  $25/70 minutes


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Website / Social Media


Facebook:  @crumbsandwhiskersla

Instagram:  crumbs_whiskers

Twitter:   @crumbs_whiskers


Cat vs Cafe (80/20)


California Love:  Review of Crumbs & Whiskers

I had known about Crumbs and Whiskers for a long time and was curious. They are very active on social media and the photos of the cats and the space always look so gorgeous and luxurious. I couldn’t help but wonder if the image would measure up in real life.

The only booked visitor on that Friday afternoon, I was secretly delighted to discover that I was to have the whole cafe and all the cats to myself. Opened in 2017, this is the California outpost of the original Crumbs & Whiskers founded in Washington DC in 2015.

Things started out on a high note the moment I walked through the door. Braun, a striking long-haired silver tabby, granted me petting privileges as I checked in with the friendly host.

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As I have a thing for shaggy tabbies, I fell in love instantly.

Sadly, it was Braun’s time to return to back room for a rest, but as I gazed around the room, there were so many gorgeous felines, it was hard to believe these were rescues. Yet there they were-nearly 25 stunning, squeal-worthy beauties at every turn.

One part groovy rec-room and one part love nest, the interior design is modern, yet lush and inviting. The dark walls and concrete floors (hard surfaces are necessary to keep things fresh and clean, which they are!) are cleverly offset by white faux-shearling rugs complemented by fluffy pink and gray pillows. The whole scene is delightfully decadent and beckons you to get down and cuddle with the kitties- and that is very much the point- putting yourself on cat level is the best way to cultivate interaction.

I did just that, a laying there with kitty bedroom eyes gazing upon me at every turn, it felt a bit seductive, almost like a feline harem of sorts, yet sweet and innocent all at once.

Crumbs Whiskers-28.jpg

After ten minutes I was in a haze of infatuation whispering sweet nothings and nonsensical baby talk to the cats that surrounded me.

Eventually, I roused myself to take photos and by this time, two additional patrons had entered the lounge on a spontaneous visit- a couple of friends that sat in the front window while basking in the cat adoration (cat-oration?). I found myself hanging out with them, sharing smiles and giggles as the cats stretched out offering bellies for scratching.

Crumbs Whiskers-54.jpg

As I obliged one sassy ginger with a tummy rub, I couldn’t help but wonder if a genie was about to pop out and offer me three wishes.

Even the staff were as lovely as can be. During my visit were genuinely welcoming, friendly and happy to answer all of my questions.

Throw in a great cup of coffee and it’s clear that the fine folks at Crumbs & Whiskers know what they are doing. It qualifies as one of the best visits I had in 2018 and I heartily recommend you put it near the top of your must-visit cat cafe list.

Date Visited:  5/11/18

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