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Address: 604 S Elm St, Greensboro, NC 27406

Phone:  (336) 550-4024

Hours: T-F 12-20, Sa 11-21, Su 12-18, Closed M

Entrance Fee:  $10.70/hour


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Facebook: @crookedtailcatcafe

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Twitter:  @crookedtailcc

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Straight Up:  Review of Crooked Tail Cat Cafe

There is something for everybody at Crooked Tail Cat Cafe

Prior to our visit we felt a bit anxious as we were bringing Perry's dad and stepmom, Gary & Peg.  Occasionally, we drag family and friends into our crazy-for-cats lifestyle, and while we know not everyone loves cat cafes like we do, we hoped that they would.

We arrived at Crooked Tail's downtown Greensboro (a north central NC city) location on a Friday afternoon.  Upon entering the historic building, we were immediately impressed by the beautiful loft-like atmosphere with cool modern furniture, quirky accents and pops of color.  After a warm greeting from Taylor, we followed her to the coffee bar in back to order drinks.  She explained the coffee area is separate from the cat lounge and open to the public, so anyone can come in and chill with a cup of coffee (or wine or beer!) in the cat free space. 

While the rest of our party went out to meet the cats, I was introduced to the cafe's owner, Karen.  As I sipped my tasty coffee (Revelator brand), Karen gave me the scoop on her labor of love.  She has a history in the start up world and decided to combine her entrepreneurial spirit with her passion for animal welfare.  It hasn't been easy navigating the road to open the first cat cafe in North Carolina, with lots of red tape and bureaucracy at every turn, but with perseverance she made it happen.  I was impressed by her dedication to making Crooked Tail the best it can be.  She works seven days a week on all aspects of the cafe, from food/drink to decor to cat care.

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Her cat Franklin is the namesake of the cafe with his 'crooked tail' and he, along with Joey, are the house cats or (nearly) full-time residents.  The day we visited there were 11 cats in the cafe, although a couple were about to be taken to their 'furever' homes as their adopters has recently completed the adoption process with Red Dog Farm.  Red Dog is Crooked Tail's rescue partner and Karen expressed how happy she was with the arrangement.  They manage the adoption side of things and help identify cats that would best shine in the social setting of the cafe.  

The collaboration appears to be working because since opening in November, 2017, there have been 46 adoptions as of May.  Congratulations!

The cats were so sweet and playful, I found myself falling in love at every turn.  First, it was supermodel ginger Bessie, then it was curious Rosie and after hearing her story, gentle Momma.

The cats aren't the only rock stars present; the staff are pretty awesome too.  Taylor whipped up a great cup of coffee and kept us entertained with her light-hearted stories about the kitties and a chocolate milk recommendation. 

Between the fabulous felines and great conversation, it was an hour that went way too fast for all of us.  Even Gary, who is best described as a cat 'liker' was tickled when Rosie chose him for cuddles.

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With a fun and vibrant atmosphere, delicious coffee, friendly humans and even friendlier kitties, Crooked Tail is a place everyone can enjoy.

You might even convert a cat liker into a full-blown cat lover.

Date Visited:  3/2/18

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