Colony Cafe:  Pittsburgh, PA


Contact Information

Address: 1125 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Phone:  (412) 586-4850

Hours: Tues-Sat 10:30-21:00; Closed Sun/Mon

Entrance Fee:  $8/hr




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Facebook: @colonycatcafe

Instagram: @colonycatcafe

Twitter: @colonycatcafe


Cat vs Cafe (50/50)


Colony Cafe:  Review of Colony Cafe

Colony Cafe was one of the best cat cafes I visited in 2018. It takes a lot to earn a coveted 5 paw overall score, but these kitty heroes are tops in every way.

Open since February 2017, this downtown Pittsburgh cat emporium offers something for everyone, that includes (shudder the thought) people who don’t love cats.

Downstairs is the bistro, a lovely and inviting space serving an on-trend menu of food and beverages, including many locally sourced options. The day of our visit, I had an avocado ‘pitza’ served with a refreshing glass of rose, all delicious and beautifully presented. The bistro is cat-free, meaning anyone can partake in this elegant setting while catching a glimpse of the kitty action upstairs through enormous windows.

Colony Pitt-03.jpg

Yes, upstairs is where the real magic happens. The Cat Loft, a cozy, serenity-filled escape from everyday life, is completely separate from the restaurant by a staircase and two sets of doors. You are able to bring food and beverages into the Loft if you wish. The cats completely understand.

Colony typically houses between 10-12 cats, and the day of our visit, 11 sweet felines were in residence, sourced from animal welfare organization Animal Friends. We learned all about the partnership from Christine, the Cat Loft manager who treated us with great kindness in answering our questions. In addition to being a caring cat lover, she also comes from a veterinary clinic background. Between their well-respected shelter partner and experienced staff, Colony deserves extra kudos for ensuring their cats are set up for success on the road to their forever homes.

Whatever they are doing is working because all the kitties were healthy, happy and gorgeous, with the female felines adorned in the sweetest floral collars. In addition, they have facilitated 175 adoptions as of late November, 2018. Congratulations Pittsburgh!

I be-bopped all over the room, anxious to meet these lovable fur balls and photograph the cuteness. Christi, Ziggy and Rugby obliged me with adorable poses, but my favorite model was sexy snow cat, Phantom.

Colony Phantom.jpg

Colony is owned by Erik and Sue Hendrickson, and they should be recognized for their exceptional cat cafe. Not only have they created a stunningly beautiful and relaxing environment for cats and humans, but they have staffed it with top-notch people AND deliver outstanding foodservice.

Colony is a first-class experience in every way possible. Get thee to Pittsburgh at once!

Date Visited:  6/15/18

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