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Address: 77 Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3DE, UK

Phone:  +44 191 903 5085

Hours: Mon-Fri 11-19, Sat/Sun 10-19, Closed Wed

Entrance Fee:  £5 per person



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Facebook:  @catpawcino


Twitter:   @catpawcino

Cat vs Cafe (70/30)


Pawsome: Review of CatPawCino

I already liked Newcastle before my recent visit, but discovering two solid cat cafes has cat-apulted it to the top of my 'Favorite UK Cities' list!

CatPawCino is a lovely space in a fabulous location overlooking the River Tyne near Gateshead Millennium Bridge, called 'Quayside' in the UK.   The owner, a cat-loving young woman originally from China, opened the cafe two years ago.  It is modeled after a typical Asian cat cafe, where shoes are removed before entering the cat room and the feline residents are gorgeous and pedigreed. 

The owner wasn't there the day we visited, but we received a very warm welcome from the friendly host who kindly explained the rules before showing us inside.  I was impressed by this particular staff member (she is shown above in the lead photo) as she answered all of my questions and took the time to show guests how the various cats like to play.  

Speaking of kitties, nine gorgeous felines call CatPawCino home, including two that were up for adoption the day I visited, a pair of energetic black kittens, Barney and Bertie.  They have since found their forever homes (hooray!) and two new kittens have joined the crew.  The remaining cats belong to the owner, pedigreed cuties that make for entertaining cat-watching.  They include Alfie, a huge Ragdoll, Flora, a chubby British shorthair, Darvin, a rare Red Point Birman and my favorite, Hugo, an impish ginger Exotic that I found irresistible as evidenced by the enormous number of photos I snapped of him.

I'm really a fan of this type of cat cafe set up, with a combination of rescued and pedigreed cats, as 'posh' cats tend to be little less social while rescued moggies lean closer to the friendly and curious side.  This balance of beauty and playfulness creates an experience that most guests will find satisfying.  While I know this seems like a huge generalization, after 126 cat cafe visits, I find it pretty close to reality.  

My partner and I ordered coffee and split a Malteaser tray bake, both of which were delicious.  The cafe offers a variety of beverages (including a large selection of Chinese teas) and snacks.  If you are still hungry, there is a bistro downstairs that is cat-free and serves a more substantial Asian menu.

If pressed, I would have a hard time picking my favorite Newcastle cat cafe as both have their own unique style and personality.  What I will say is that cat lovers in Newcastle are awfully lucky to have two fantastic choices!

Date Visited:  11/8/17

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