London Cat Village: London, UK


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Address: 47 Rivington St, London EC2A 3QB, UK

Phone:  +44 7518 351166


Entrance Fee:  £5 + food/drink (must be ordered)


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Twitter:   @londoncatcafe

Cat vs Cafe (70/30)


It Takes a Village: Review of London Cat Village

UPDATE: London Cat Village is now closed, however if you are seeking other cat cafes in the UK, check out my series of reviews on cat cafes of the South, Midlands and North.

Sitting on the train to King's Cross from Peterborough, I was excited!

Visiting a cat cafe for the first time always thrills me, but this excursion was particularly special as my friend Alison was joining me, a cat cafe newbie.  I was describing what to expect while we wandered around Shoreditch as our GPS had put us in the wrong location, but luckily we had built in extra time so arrived promptly for our appointment.  After a quick greeting, we were seated us in the basement.  

Feeling a bit isolated, we asked to be reseated upstairs, which was perfect as the main floor is very atmospheric with lots of exposed brick and sleek dark floors softened by warm wood, cozy shearling and dim lighting.  It felt like the ideal cat cafe environment with comfortable seating areas built for conversation and potential lap visitors.  

There were 16 cats in residence the day I visited, an incredibly diverse and stunning mix, including Misty the Persian, Fred the Ginger, Ted the Russian Blue Mix, Mr. Moors the Exotic, Snow the Birman, Polar the American Curl, and Nunu the Gray Birman.  I enjoyed watching them walk around the room checking out visitors but was particularly smitten with friendly Fred, who curled up on the chair next to me while I rubbed his chin.  

With such fabulous felines, the cats are definitely the stars here, but I was also impressed by the food service.  Our toastie, latte and pot of tea were tasty and beautifully presented and how can you not smile when being served tea out of an adorable kitty pot?!

Later, I was able to have a brief chat with another staff member, a friendly cat-loving kindred spirit who shared stories about the kitties and was incredibly supportive and encouraging when I discussed my cat cafe adventures at The Neighbor's Cat.  

Overall, Alison and I had a wonderful catch up over tea and nibbles while watching the kitties frolic around us.  The cozy space, lovely food and gorgeous cats made for a special visit and by the time our hour was up, I was officially a fan.

If you are a cat lover looking for a coffee meet-up spot that offers a more memorable experience than your bog-standard Starbucks or Costa, I recommend London Cat Village.

Date Visited:  11/10/17