Cat up cafe: Bangkok, Thailand


Contact Information

Address: The Up Rama 3 & Silom; 197/8 ถนน สาธุประดิษฐ์ Chong Nonsi, Yan Nawa, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10120

Phone:  +66 2 108 4993

Hours:  Daily 12:00 - 21:00

Entrance Fee:  No


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Website / Social Media

Website:  None                                                                                                     

Facebook:  @catupcafe

Twitter:  None

Instagram:  None                                                                                            


Cat vs Cafe (50/50)


Up With Cats

Located on a busy street and the cross section of two major metro stops (Sala Daeng & Silom), this cat cafe is super convenient to visit.  

We accidentally happened upon one day it as we attempted to navigate around the crowd on the elevated metro platform.  Perry stopped in his tracks and announced 'Is that a cat cafe?', his voice full of skepticism as if he was seeing a mirage.

Sure enough, it was.

We quickly forgot our original destination and hustled in for a closer look.  The space is lovely, inviting and a bit minimalist, all wood and glass, with a downstairs counter for ordering and and an upstairs space to enjoy your beverage while admiring the cats.

I ordered an affogato (espresso and ice cream) and Perry a Thai milk tea (280 baht/$8) before we headed upstairs.  After a quick washing up, the attendant opened the door to kitty land, where we found the room clean, fresh smelling and filled with colorful floor pillows.  Unlike many overstimulated felines you sometimes find at cat cafes, these cats were friendly and most agreeable to being petted.  There were plenty of furry friends roaming around, a combination of purebreds and rescues that seemed well-cared for and not stressed in any way.

Popular with locals and tourists alike, it wasn't too crowded and we spent a pleasant hour enjoying ourselves.  The staff were polite and food and beverages good.  

I wish I could be more effusive.

After twenty-five cat cafe visits around the world, I guess I'm starting to get a little nitpicky.  Two things bugged me: 1) I wish Cat Up had a bit more personality and 2) I was put off by one of the staff trying to force one poor cat to play.  However, as the kitties generally seemed happy, the space was super clean and foodservice competent, I do recommend a visit when in Bangkok.

They have an additional location in Silom.

Date Visited:  2/9/17