Cat Island Cafe (Cat Store):  Hong Kong


Contact Information

Address: 3D Po Ming Building, 2-6 Foo Ming St, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Phone:  +852 2710 9953

Hours:  T-F 12:00-23:00, S/S 12:00-0:00, closed M

Entrance Fee:  No


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Facebook:  catislandcafeatcatstore

Instagram:  none

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Cat vs Cafe (50/50)


Fantasy Island:  Review of Cat Island Cafe (aka Cat Store)

One of the oldest cat cafes in the world, Cat Island Cafe (formerly known as Ah Meow Cat Cafe and Cat Store) has been in existence 18 years.

The location was a bit difficult to find (Po Ming Building, same as Mr & Mrs Cat Cafe) but once inside, we were treated to warm and personable service.  It was late afternoon, normal kitty nap time and only one cat was awake, shot us wary looks as he roamed the room, seemingly aware of the longing stares directed at him.  My partner and I decided to focus on our coffee drinks and catch up on our sightseeing plans for the balance of our Hong Kong trip.

It was pleasantly busy at the cafe, a diverse mix of tourists and locals.  In the corner, a couple was having an intense conversation.  Next to us sat a group of German ladies enjoying a cheerful catch up along with coffee and cake, while cross the aisle, two young teenagers sipped milkshakes and tried to coax the awake British Blue in their direction.  

The cafe was comfortable and cheerful, but I particularly enjoyed my coffee, which was better than average for Hong Kong cat cafes.

All in all, a great choice when visiting Hong Kong.

Date Visited:  5/8/18

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