Cat Room: tokyo, Japan


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Address: 〒167-0051 Tokyo, Suginami, Ogikubo, 5 Chome−23−13, コダマビル3F

Phone:  +81 3-3391-7733

Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00 - 20:00

Entrance Fee: Y500/30 minutes, drinks Y200


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Cat vs Cafe (90/10)


Room for All:  Review of Cat Room

The Cat Room has super friendly and adorable cats and a friendly owner which are two very good reasons to visit Cat Room.  I just wish it delivered a bit more on the environment.

The kitties, eleven in all, are various breeds including Russian Blue, Siamese and American Curl to name a few.  They were very friendly and loved being petted, especially one very large tabby, but then the owner gave us a small bag of treats and suddenly all eleven descended upon us which was incredibly fun!  

The space is small but has plenty of wooden benches for sitting with your new furry friend.  It's not particularly cozy but the lighting is warm and with show tunes playing on the speakers, it was a reasonably pleasant atmosphere to sit for a spell, but not a place I would want to hang out for more than 30 minutes, especially with the noticeable cat urine smell. I've smelled worse, but it's definitely there.

Located in the Ogikubo area, we combined our visit to Cat Room with two nearby cat cafes Kichijoji- Temari no Ouchi and Calico Kichijoji.  With two super entertaining cat cafes  just two stops down the JR Chuo line in Kichijoji, you might want to save your visit for one of those.

Date Visited:  6/5/17