Cat Eyes Cafe: Shanghai, China


Contact Information

Address: Rm 17A, Bldg A, 129 Dàtián Rd. near Natural History Museum (大田路129号)

Phone: +86 150 0047 4368

Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00 - 23:00

Entrance Fee:  None


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Cat vs Cafe (75/25)


The Apartment:  Review of Cat Eyes Cafe

In China, where cat cafes can turn up anywhere, some apartment owners have posited 'why should street front cafes have all the fun?'

While it was not easy to find this high-rise-apartment-turned-cafe, once inside, we had a grand time.  

The address is 129 Datian Street, which is near Beijing West Road and the Shanghai Natural History Museum.  However, the building entrance is not on the street, but inside a gated parking lot which feels a bit like you are entering a diplomatic compound.  Keep going and you will see Building A on your left with the name Jiafa Mansion.  Enter here and take the elevator to the 17th floor.  

We arrived in the early afternoon and were the first customers there as the cafe keeps late hours and seems to be more popular in the evening.  A cheerful young woman greeted us and, to our delight, chatted in English while taking our drink order.  There is an extensive menu of hot and cold drinks, as well as cake and a few pasta dishes.  We chose a cafe latte and a honey lemon iced tea which were good quality. 

While we waited, we looked around.  The main room is large, but cozy with six tables and a variety of books, games and toys on the shelves. There is also a private back room with a low table. The environment is pleasantly scruffy, but definitely 'catty'- allergy sufferers take note!

But we were here for the cats, and Cat Eyes delivers.  There were approximately twelve kitties of different breeds, most appear to be rescues, but all very friendly, wanting to sit on our laps or nearby on our bags.  A couple were very active, chasing other cats around the room and we enjoyed a lively afternoon.

With a kindly staff and lots of affectionate cats, Cat Eyes is worth your time, but be aware that the drinks are a bit on the expensive side (38 yuan/$5.50) and the place had a slight urine odor during our visit.

Date Visited:  4/20/17