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Address:   J. Jasinskio g. 1, Vilnius 01111, Lithuania

Phone:  +370 671 34343

Hours:  Mon-Sat 12:00-22:00; Sun 12:00-19:00

Entrance Fee: None


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Facebook:  @vilniuscatcafe

Instagram: catcafevilnius


Cat vs Cafe (50/50)


Cat Cafe Excellence:  Review of Cat Cafe Vilnius

When I visited the city of Vilnius, Lithuania for the first time, I was excited to see a modern European capital with a strong youthful spirit and touch of sophistication.  Despite being known for its medieval Old Town, the march toward renewal is evident as the city erects new buildings and restores the others. 

Cat Cafe Vilnius fits the vibe perfectly.  One part hip cafe and one part unabashed cat haven, this light, bright and airy space is hitting all the right notes.  

We popped in on a Saturday afternoon to find them fully booked so I immediately made a reservation on my phone while standing in the lobby, a system so advanced you can even select your own table!

Located just outside the Old Town center, we returned the next day to see what the fuss was all about.  The space feels brand spanking new and is furnished with a spare and uncluttered Scandinavian style.  Balancing the lean, it is nicely decorated with cat themed art and cozy pillows while 40's big band music added a light-hearted touch.

Opening the menu, I was surprised to see how extensive it was and noted that most of the patrons were eating lunch-style dishes of pasta and sandwiches.  We had eaten earlier so just ordered a couple of coffees and a chocolate cake for €7.60 which were excellent quality.  There is no entrance fee.

But this is a cat cafe review, so let's move on to the cats, shall we?

There are 14 felines in residence, mostly rescues, mostly short hair and mostly social, although a few seemed to be 'over it'.  The main hang-out area is in front where an oversized cat tree is filled with comfy cat baskets, FYI when booking a table.  I loved how they have substantial cat biographies presented in Facebook style with details about their personalities.   Despite it being the afternoon, there was lots of playful wrestling and chasing of strings to keep the patrons smiling.  

Clean and inviting with great food and plenty of cute kitties, Cat Cafe Vilnius maintains a high standard that is understandably popular.  I would visit this cafe even if they didn't have cats.

Cat cafes around the world, take note!  

Date Visited:  10/1/17

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