Cat Cafe Prague: Prague, Czech Republic


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Address:  Gorazdova 332/20, 120 00 Nové Město

Phone:  +420 774 301 394

Hours:  Daily 10:00-20:00

Entrance Fee: No


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Facebook:  @catcafeprague

Instagram: catcafeprague


Cat vs Cafe (70/30)


Just Like Home:  Review of Cat Cafe Prague

Located in New Town, just adjacent to the tourist mecca of Old Town, the vibe of Cat Café Prague is definitely ‘make yourself at home’. 

Spacious, with plenty of cozy couches, adorable felines and an all-you-drink coffee bar, you might be tempted to stay all day, but remember you are paying an hourly rate of 99 CZK ($4.51 USD).

I was greeted in English by the friendly host, who explained the rules, including replacing shoes for slippers and hand washing, something that is common in Japan, but rarely implemented in western cat cafes.

He also provided a quick tour of the facility, showing me the cat room, video game room, lounge and kitchen area where I was told I could help myself to as much coffee, tea and snacks as I liked.  He noted there are eight cats, all rescues, including two small kittens.  The cafe tries to select cats that are fairly social and will adapt well to the environment.  

With cat on the brain, I started in the 'cat room' so-named for the plethora of toys and cat equipment it contained.  I focused my attention on a playful young kitten that never tired of chasing a string and diving through a nylon tunnel. 

Next, I moved to the colorful and comfortable lounge where made eye contact with a cat whose name I later learned was Kenzo.  I sat still on the couch until he hopped up on the armrest next to me and proceeded to nuzzle my neck until I thought I would die from kitty-induced euphoria. It was one of my best cat moments in a cat cafe.

I didn't spend any time in the video game room with it's big screen and Playstation set up, but I liked the dark and atmospheric space.  

Between photographs, sipping coffee and playing with cats, my hour went by very quickly.  The beverage and snack bar was not something I had seen before and was a nice touch.

Cat Café Prague is a clean, cozy space and with friendly staff and the prospect of getting some kitty love from Kenzo, I recommend popping in when in Prague.

Date Visited:  9/14/17

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