Cat Cafe Calico Kichijoji: Tokyo, Japan


Contact Information

Address:〒180-0004 Tōkyō-to, Musashino-shi, Kichijōji Honchō, 1 Chome−8−2, 〒180-0004 1

Phone:  +81 422-27-2117

Hours: Mon-Sun 10:00 - 22:00

Entrance Fee: Y1000/1 hr, drinks extra


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Facebook: catcafe-calico



Cat vs Cafe (80/20)


Beauty is Only Skin Deep:  Review of Cat Cafe Calico Kichijoji

Cat Cafe Calico Kichijoji was a welcome change from the Shinjuku location as it was beautiful, clean and modern.  

The cats were gorgeous and plentiful, with many exotic breeds in residence.  While the space is geared towards more interaction (primarily floor seating with few tables), some of the kitties avoided human contact.  

By this point, I had grown accustomed to not having a proper cup of coffee in a Tokyo cat cafe, and true to form, Calico serves vending machine drinks, which I passed on.  For a city seemingly obsessed with caffeine, (convenience stores carry about 50 varieties of java) I'm surprised the cat cafes don’t provide better coffee service. With good coffee so prevalent everywhere, perhaps they determined that one can survive an hour without coffee to focus on cats… and you know, they are not incorrect!

Objectively, the facility is magnificent and the cats, while not social, are extremely attractive and well-cared for, which balance out the lack of coffee and staff engagement.  

A visit to Cat Cafe Calico Kichijoji will wow you with the space and the cats, but overall, there are better options to get your kitty fix in Tokyo.

Date Visited:  6/6/17