Cat Cafe Coffeeshop: Budapest, Hungary


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Address:  Budapest, Damjanich u. 38, 1071 

Phone:  +36 30 979 3108

Hours:  Sun-Thu 11:00-21:00, Fri/Sat 11:00-22:00

Entrance Fee: No


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Facebook:  @catcafecoffeeshopbudapest



Cat vs Cafe (60/40)


Lighthearted:  Review of Cat Cafe Coffeeshop Budapest

The Neighbor's Cat dropped by the other cat cafe in Budapest last year, before we became singularly obsessed with visiting them all.  

This location, while not as large as the other, has a charming and relaxing atmosphere that makes it a worthwhile stop when traveling to this beautiful city. 

Located a few blocks off major tourist attractions Andrassy Boulevard and Heroes Square (Hosok Tere), the cafe is easily accessed via the M1 (yellow) metro (Bajza Utca).

We arrived shortly after the cafe's opening and were greeted with a smile and excellent English (never assumed, but always appreciated!) from the friendly manager.  Despite being garden level, the cafe is bright and sunny with two nicely decorated rooms.  There are toys and cat equipment interspersed throughout the space, but it's all kept neat and tidy. 

We ordered a chocolate vanilla cheesecake and two coffee drinks while we chatted with our host.  The cafe opened in 2013, but closed in 2017 to remodel, opening again in June.  They currently have six cats in residence, some rescues, some not, with plans to add four more.  Cat Cafe Coffeeshop carefully selects felines that have the right personality for the cafe environment and have done a fantastic job because they are all quite social and playful.

As we were alone in the cafe, we ran around playing with the cats to the beats of hip, young music.  They never tired of chasing stings and pouncing on the white and green kitty tunnel, especially Mimi, a sweet and energetic Calico.  Happily exhausted, we eventually gave up to drink our coffee and eat cheesecake. 

Our experience at Cat Cafe Coffeeshop was filled with what you hope for in a cat cafe- fun interactions with lovable floof balls.  Combine that with excellent hospitality and a delicious cup of coffee, and you have the makings for a perfectly pleasant outing.


Date Visited:  9/18/17

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