Cat Art Home:  New Taipei City, Taiwan


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Address: No. 5, Bo'ai Street, Yonghe District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 234

Phone:  +886 2 2924 2427

Hours: Wed-Sun 14:00 - 22:00, Closed Mon/Tue

Entrance Fee:  275 NTD minimum


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Cat vs Cafe (80/20)


Cat Heroes of Taiwan, Part IV:  Review of Cat.Art.Home

Down a pretty lane in Yonghe district, near Dingxi metro station is a small cat café filled with big hearts.

Open nearly seven years, Cat Art Home specializes in caring for Taipei’s truly forgotten felines- those that are ill, old or have other challenges. The caring staff have given these special cats lots of extra love and attention, such as one poor baby that had cancer and required hand-feedings.

Whatever they are doing is clearly working because every year Cat Art Home facilitates over 100 adoptions!

I visited on a busy Thursday afternoon and was lucky that the volunteer who greeted me spoke English as she was able to answer my questions about the facility.

She noted there were twenty cats in residence and introduced me to several, including a sweet little tabby, a former runt-of-the-litter and gorgeous white Lulu, a spirited girl that became a bit overzealous when my thumb got in the way of her wet treat.

We spent the next hour discussing the rescue scene in Taipei while a steady stream of regulars socialized with the kitties in the simple, yet relaxing atmosphere.  The space is filled with quirky cat art and set to a soundtrack of lullaby music.

There is a 275 TWD minimum spend requirement with a variety of beverages and desserts available. 

While the least commercial of the cafes profiled in this article, Cat Art Home’s commitment to helping Taipei’s vulnerable felines is most admirable and deserving of support. 

Date Visited:  4/5/18

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