Calaugh Cafe: Tokyo, Japan


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Address:   〒111-0034 東京都台東区Kaminarimon, 2 Chome−19, 雷門2丁目19−13 浅草駅前ビル2F

Phone:  +81 3-6231-6050

Hours:  Daily 11:00-22:00

Entrance Fee: No cover for 1 hr w/ drink purchase



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Facebook:  @calaugh

Instagram: calaugh

Twitter:  @love_peace_cat

Cat vs Cafe (40/60)


Review of Calaugh Cafe

We were in the Asakusa neighborhood on our way to Monta Cat Cafe when we passed a sign with a cat on it.  Doubling-back, it turned out to be a cat cafe, one that had escaped our meticulous online searching. 

It was closed, but we made a plan to return the following day.  

Located just outside the Tokyo Metro station of Asakusa, I was surprised when I entered the cafe and saw how 'cafe-like' if was with numerous tables and chairs and patrons enjoying barista-style coffee.  Most of Tokyo's cat cafes skew more cat than cafe with very few actual tables and the best you can do for coffee is a watery cup of warm brown from a vending machine.

Continuing with the 'not like the others' trend, this cat cafe does not require you take off your shoes.  I made my way to a table and sitting amongst the dark wood lined walls listening to Japanese electro-pop, I looked over the menu and was excited to see a nice selection of food and beverage.

There was no cover to pay for your first hour with the purchase of food/drink (another unique feature compared to the hefty cover fees most cat cafes charge), so I ordered a latte and turned my attention to the cats.

There are eleven sweet babies in residence at Calaugh, mostly short-haired and sleeping when I arrived.  The staff are very friendly and keen for you to enjoy your time here such that they brought over a cat for me to pet and when he decided he wasn't in 'the mood', they placed a basket with a sleeping cat right on my table.  

The cats weren't overly social, but my favorite muse turned out to be 'Fran Fran' a white fluffy-tailed boy who posed for some spooky photos near a lamp.  Guess I know who will be my 'Cat Of The Day' for Halloween!

While I did appreciate a decent cup of coffee, I couldn't help but feel it was lacking a bit of coziness and the 'fun factor' I usually experience in a cat cafe.  They do have friendly staff, nice food and cute kitties, so if you do visit Calaugh, I recommend adjusting your cat-interaction expectation down a notch by bringing other entertainment such as a friend or a book. 

Date Visited:  6/17/17

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