Cafe Mocha Harajuku: tokyo, Japan


Contact Information

Address: 〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区Jingūmae, 1 Chome−14, 神宮前1-14-25 クロスアベニュー原宿 4F

Phone:  +81 3-6447-2665

Hours: Mon-Sun 10:00 - 20:00

Entrance Fee: 10 min/Y200, 60/Y1200;All you can drink/Y350 


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Facebook: @catcafemocha

Instagram: @catcafemocha

Twitter: @catcafemocha


Cat vs. Cafe (80/20)


Through the Looking Glass:  Review of Cafe Mocha Harajuku

With six cat cafes in the Tokyo metro area, this was our second visit to a Mocha location.

Much smaller than Shibuya, with light wood and pistachio-colored accents, a large tree and birdcage sleeping platforms, the cafe has a typical Mocha aesthetic with one stand out with one feature- the floor to ceiling windows.

Setting off gorgeous, sunny views of the city, the windows also do something else- make the room very warm.  Such is the double sword of using lots of glass.

As such, most of the cafes fifteen or so cats were sleeping and those awake were fairly low energy.  It was quite busy during our Friday afternoon visit with a steady stream of people mostly sitting and watching snoozing kitties.  

The staff were perfunctory, yet pleasant, accustomed to the masses of tourists that come through this location.  The beverages aren't top cafe quality, mostly coming out of machine, but are unlimited with a 350 yen ($3.16) fee.  Despite this, Mocha Harajuku (as are all the Mocha locations) is a great place to visit for the stunning visual experience.  

Date Visited:  6/2/17