Miau Cafe: Warsaw, Poland


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Address:   Naruszewicza 30, Wejście od Al. Niepodległości przy metrze Wierzbno, 02-627 Warszawa, Poland

Phone:  +48 793 204 296

Hours:  M-F 8:00-2o:00; Sat/Sun 1o:00-20:00

Entrance Fee: None


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Website: miaucafe.pl

Facebook:  @miaucafe


Twitter:  @miau_cafe

Cat vs Cafe (60/40)


Worth the Indulgence:  Review of Miau Cafe

*NOTE*  As of 2018, Miau Cafe has changed to a new location.  I hear it's even better than ever!

As a long-term traveler, I try to approach a city without assumptions, and true to form, when I arrived in Warsaw my expectations were neutral.

You can imagine my surprise and delight to discover that not only is Warsaw's cat cafe a gem, but so is the whole city! 

With a great balance of historical significance and modern excitement, I spent a few touristy days soaking it all in before venturing out to Miau Cafe.  Located to the northeast of the city centre in the Mlynow neighborhood, I climbed aboard a 24 tram for the 20 minute journey from my location in Powisle.  I alighted just two blocks from the cafe to find it nestled in a peaceful, residential neighborhood.

Greeted by a friendly staff member, I entered the lobby area of the cafe where I was given a run-down of the rules and then placed my order for a coffee and peanut butter chocolate tart (23 zloty or $6.29 USD) which is incredible value.

Administration settled, I headed to the cat room where the atmosphere was sunny and spacious courtesy of tall ceilings and large windows, but even with the roominess, it had a cozy and stylish vibe with 40's jazz and pop standards playing overhead and plenty of comfortable nooks to hang with the kitties.

Speaking of the cats, there were six short haired cuties in residence, all incredibly curious and social, going from table to table to check out the patrons and their food.  I was so enthralled with an adorable tabby watching birds outside, that I was completely caught off guard when he pounced right into my coffee!  Luckily, he only stepped into it with one paw and I was able to avert a disaster, but it taught me a valuable lesson.  Eyes on food at all times, especially when it's this good- my Snickers-like tart was decadently rich and delicious, one of the best cakes I've ever had in a cat cafe.

The patrons in the room varied from an elderly couple, to two professional women having a meeting, to a group of three high school students whose enthusiasm was infectious.  We left at the same time and the young ladies (one French, one Mexican and one Brazilian) informed me they were attending Copernicus international high school.  We continued the lively conversation on the tram all the way back into the city center, sharing our love of cats and cat cafes.

Miau Cafe feels a lot like my visit Warsaw, a little bit international, a lot entertaining and completely charming.   A perfect city break destination, don't miss the opportunity to visit this fantastic city and cat cafe. 

Date Visited:  9/27/17

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