Cafe Katzentempel: Munich, Germany


Contact Information

Address: Türkenstraße 29, 80799 München, Germany

Phone: +49 89 20061249

Hours: Mon-Fri 11:00-20:00, Sat 10:00-20:00, Sun 10:00-18:00

Entrance Fee:  None



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Facebook: Cafe Katzentempel

Instagram: Cafe Katzentempel

Twitter:  @KatzentempelMuc

Cat vs Cafe (20/80)


Great Food, Hold the Cat:  Review of Cafe Katzentempel 

It's clean, beautiful and the food (focused on vegetarian fare) gets rave reviews.

There is much to love about this place, but if your driving motivation is kitty love, you may be a wee bit disappointed to discover that Cafe Katzentempel is definitely more cafe than cat.  

One Sunday morning towards the end of our December visit to Munich, we took the metro to the Universitat station and walked a few bitterly cold blocks to the cafe.  Inside, it was warm and inviting.  The cafe looked new with modern decor.   Happy patrons were having brunch and the food looked excellent.  However...

...there were only three cats in the entire place.

They were cuties to be sure, but with two rooms and 20+ customers, it seemed an inadequate number.  According to the website, they have six cats, all rescues, and if they require privacy, it is to be respected.  So perhaps the other cats were having some alone time in the back?

We settled into the back room and ordered two lattes and a pretzel for €10.  I photographed all three cats in the room, and they seemed happy and content.  The other patrons either did not see them or pretended not to see them, as I was the only goofy picture taker in the whole joint.  I admired their sophisticated resolve to 'act like you've been there.'

Me?  I lost all sense of tourist-taking-photos embarrassment long ago.

Cafe Katzentempel is a fantastic cafe with friendly people and is certainly worth a visit, just temper your expectations in the cat department.  Being more about the food than the kitties, it felt a little like you'd be making a scene if you wanted to play or visit with the cats.  

Date Visited:  12/4/16