Coolest Cat Names From Cat Cafes Around The World


Bestowing a name onto a being, whether human or feline, is no easy task.  I have named several cats in my lifetime, but none of my selections were particularly creative- Sally, Chester and Puss E Cat are a few that come to mind. 

That's why I'm so impressed by really fun cat cafe cat names.  Not cat cafe names, but the names of kitties that live at cat cafes.   Especially if said names match up with the personality.

In my 195 cat cafe visits, I've come across 2500+ kitties and while they all had a lovely name of some sort, the following stood out as memorable and completely cool.  Much like the cafes themselves.

Alan Wrinkleman:  Curious Cats, Derby, UK


This Sphinx is the face of Curious Cats and why not?  He has not just a tattoo-worthy look that is the ultimate in hip-ness, but the name Alan Wrinkleman is what elevates him into other-worldly cool territory.

Baron von Cream:  Kissakahvila Purnauskis, Finland

Photo Oct 11, 1 09 42 PM.jpg

Kissakahvila Purnauskis is one of the best cat cafes in the world because they don't skimp on the details.  From the luxe tea room interiors to the swoon-worthy dining to the friendly felines, they wouldn't need to do any more, but they did... by giving the cats some of the coolest names ever, including my favorite, an orangesicle colored tabby named Baron von Cream.  Gah!

Egg Yolk:  Cafe de Kitten, Hong Kong

Cafe de Kitten COTD.jpg

I've met plenty of yellow tabbies in my cat cafe travels around the world, but it never occurred to me how perfect the name Egg Yolk would be until I met this celebrity (for real, he has starred in several Hong Kong ads and commercials) feline.  Seriously, check out this pose.

Princess Pancake:  The Cat in the Window, Aberdeen, UK


Seeing this sweet face always makes me smile, in large part because of her name.  Yes, she is regal.  Yes, her face is flat.  It's obvious and makes sense, but it doesn't make it any less cool.  

Guillaume:  Maison de Moggy, Edinburgh, UK

MaisonMoggy-12 copy.jpg

If I ever settle down long enough to have a cat in my life full-time, I promise his or her name will be Guillaume.  I only hope my kitty will be as fabulous as the original, found in Scotland.

Pineapple Baby:  Mr & Mrs Cat Cafe, Hong Kong

Mr Mrs Cat Cafe Pineapple Baby.jpg

We aren't sure why, but cats named after food are very popular in Hong Kong.  I found the name Pineapple Baby tickled me so much, that I snorted out loud when I read the card with her photo on my table.  Insulted at the implication, PB refused to look in my direction when I stood up to take her photo.  I guess I deserved it.  

Izmir:  Le Cafe des Chats, Paris, France


So sleek and chic, Izmir is the cat embodiment of of Paris itself.  Initially, she seemed slightly aloof and almost too beautiful to touch, but this fair feline changed our world forever when she climbed into our laps for a cuddle.

Tofu Pudding:  Cat & Life, Taipei, Taiwan

Cat and Life-09.jpg

The Taiwanese aren't big fans of dessert, but tofu pudding, made from very soft tofu is the exception.  Interestingly, the cat Tofu Pudding is a lot like the treat- she's not very sweet, but is pretty and popular anyway.

Jigglelump:  Tabby Teas, Sheffield, UK


This is one of the funnier names I've come across in my cat cafe travels.  The thing is, this cat is neither jiggly nor lumpy, which makes it all the cooler.  

 The Neighbor’s Cat is the alter ego of Paula LaBine, an itinerant cat lover who writes about cat cafes, cat travel and rescue/adoption.  She is visiting every cat café in the world, 199 in 29 countries so far!   Find her at or on Facebook/Twitter @catcafeviews.