Au Chat Voir Vivre:  Lille, France


Contact Information

Address: 158 Rue Léon Gambetta, 59800 Lille

Phone:  +33 3 62 57 60 10

Hours: W-Sat 12-21:15, T/Sun 14-18:00, Closed M

Entrance Fee:  None


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Facebook:  Au Chat Voir Vivre

Instagram:  auchatvoirvivre


Cat vs Cafe (40/60)


Cat-See-Live: Review of Au Chat Voir Vivre

If I haven't said it enough, I'll say it again; France, and its cat cafes are first-rate!

Traveling around the country to visit these cafes was a highlight In France, they don't just settle for a few cute kitties and a cup of coffee, they give you the full French cafe experience, complete with charming atmosphere and fabulous food. 

Au Chat Voir Vivre is another great example.  The space is stylish and completely unique with lovely dark wood floors, mix-and-match chairs and lots of books.  The vibe is shabby chic with equal measures of sophistication and coziness set to a soundtrack of lively chatter.  Everything about it made me feel so happy.

There are eight cats, all rescues, in permanent residence at Au Chat Voir Vivre (loosely translated as 'Cat See Live'), but most were sleeping during my visit.  The few that were awake were not particularly social but cute to watch while sipping a hot beverage.  

Speaking of which, my coffee and pear tart were outstanding and beautifully presented on a colorful tray and served in eclectic china.  I loved how everything about this cafe felt authentic, effortless and so very French, right down to the cups!  The menu has a substantial offering of hot and cold drinks plus patisserie, and they also serve a lunch service featuring a plat du jour.

My afternoon at Au Chat Voir Vivre was an incredibly satisfying experience and an easy day trip from Paris, too, as the high speed TGV train to Lille is a mere hour.  See cats and live?  Yes, but seeing the French countryside on the way to Lille is a life-affirming bonus.

Date Visited:  11/23/17