AFFOGATO Cat CAfe:  Cleveland, OH, USA


Contact Information

Address: 761 Starkweather Ave, Cleveland, OH

Phone:  (440) 941-5130

Hours: Wed-Sun 11:00 - 21:00; M/T Closed

Entrance Fee:  $10/hour weekday; $12/weekend



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Website / Social Media


Facebook: @affogatocatcafe

Instagram: affogatocatcafe

Twitter: @affogatocatcafe


Cat vs Cafe (50/50)


Goodness Gatos:  Review of AffoGATO Cat Cafe

I had been keen on visiting Ohio’s cat cafes for awhile, but was patiently waiting for AffoGATO to open.

It was so worth the wait.

They opened on January 2, 2019 and I had been stalking their social media trying to get a sense of the atmosphere. Generally, I’ve found it helpful to wait a while before visiting a new cafe since there are usually kinks to work out. By February, I couldn’t wait any longer and made arrangements to complete a circuit around Ohio over President’s Day weekend.

As I drove through the Tremont neighborhood, one of the oldest in Cleveland, I was impressed by the cool shops and arty vibe. Inside the cafe, I was delighted that the atmosphere held the same appeal- trendy, but also welcoming and down-to-earth. The folks of Affogato (Mandy, Eduardo & Lea) were very thoughtful in their planning and everything is finished to a high standard. Likewise, the staff are top notch- friendly and generous in sharing tips to make your experience memorable, such as which kitties love a chin scratch or cuddle.

I checked in with Lea, who gave me the lowdown on their history. After months of scouting locations, they began the hard work of designing the cafe and cat lounge areas which are flawless- I especially loved the enormous catwalk in the cat room which is a stunning piece of art as well a functional hero, allowing the cats a place to retreat when they need alone time.

Speaking of cats, they are partnered with Cleveland Animal Protection League fI met so many darlings that it was hard not to melt into goo. I first became smitten with Troy, a handsome ginger boy that flirted with the patrons in the coffee shop.


Then, I played with Livie and Cray, gray beauties and finally Damian, a shy tuxedo that was finally adopted shortly after my visit.


My visit to AffoGATO was amazing in every way, but I have two regrets. One is that I was having so much fun visiting with the staff and playing with the kitties, that I didn’t fully appreciate my delicious cup of coffee until I chugged it down right at the end! The other regret is that I didn’t order the cafe’s namesake treat, an affogato (Italian for "drowned"), an Italian coffee-based dessert which includes a scoop of vanilla gelato or ice cream topped or "drowned" with a shot of hot espresso.

No need to wait like I did- AffoGATO is open and ready to wow you- be sure and visit Cleveland at your earliest opportunity!

Date Visited:  2/16/19